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Mon 01/01/007 Piggabeen, Australia ... This is Webmaster, Lord Oxford, re-orienting for a better than commercial mission - that of saving TheFutureFor.Us ... we need to fix it FAST or Or Our children will die horribly...

I'm a baby-boomer noticing it. I feel about as likely to make another 40 years as I did in London, as the cold war loomed ever larger, and ICBMs and war satellites were starting to frighten us.
40 years of baby-boomer slackness and uncaring has led to ever more babies, using evermore "cheap and dirty" fossil fuels.
Those now becoming teenagers have a lot less to thank their parents for than I did. (My dad fought in World War 2.) .. and "The Z Generation" (2005-2025) "should extract compensation from their mothers for idiocy"... well, perhaps.
Australia is as overdue as everywhere else for a needed change in CARING
“If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me”