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Sun 2005-012

Another 5 years of human existence, and it is time for an Update...

Who am I?

I am a wizard – NOT to be confused with a magician, despite the similar clothes.

I'm a “plain clothed Wizard”, here to set things straight, if that is possible, and is but one of many domains set to that purpose. It is no small task, nor is it one I can do alone whilst others (and myself) continue to burn its resources, overpopulate it and do it, and its (once) abundant life great harm.

I have to MANY of our pressing problems, but Finances? No, and that is NOT the solution to OUR problem – perhaps that is a big part of “the problem”, for me, for you, “other creatures” and many others with the needed “Answers” to the serious problem that faces our – perhaps the biggest is selfishness, perhaps it's Ignorance, Malice and not taking our seriously, or at all. The world's Problems are the worlds . If we deal with them correctly and FAIRLY then we will survive and prosper, but if we Don't – “our children” will starve, fight and die in a far less idyllic time than now is.

As a (1947) “Baby Boomer” (from England) I have not been required to kill anyone in a war by conscription, My father didn't get his Military Cross and other medals by such “lucky times” or attitude. He didn't talk much of it. Seldom cried. He was born in Sheffield 1914, Perhaps the worst of times to be born.


0205-007 ...
Greetings! ... and welcome to my site revamp

"Under Pressure" is a good way to work... But not necessarily an enjoyable way. "C'est La Vie" = "That's Life"!

"Blog On" Is a geek command. It means "Turn Bio-Log On" or just plain "diary entry" - except that this diary is GLOBALLY available, free of charge to anyone, anywhere on the internet. You are reading now what I write on 5 February 2007,available not very long after I write it! the "Blog On" link WILL LEAD to where I continue to "Blog On"

Who am I? ... Though not yet "officially" "Lord Oxford" on my driver's licence, it is my name, and this is my domain - or one of many - on the world wide web. I am at present a mortal atheist that does not deny the possibility of a greater collective consciousness - or of being a PART of that consciousness. ... If other spirits talk to me, or through me, please forgive me if I don't roll credits... ;-)

But WotFR ... Yes I come up with many "outrageous ideas" by conservative standards - a form of wizardry or madness perhaps ... but then, the so-called "normals" are destroying all other life on the planet by CHOOSING to overload our with far too many children, and far too much burning.

I have Fine Answers to the many problems and ways 2Save.Us I have a thousand ships to spread my messages via geostationary satellites.

Whether "I have been sent" 2Save.Us "persuaded by spirits" or "just decided to do it" is arguable externally and internally. I AM HERE, I AM NEEDED. Few bother to say so or support my endeavors on other than a commercial basis or to advise me on how much easier life would be for me if I sell out and do as they suggest. "The (commercial) Government particularly.

but for now ... though I have I'm overdrawn on my
FINANCES and must today go forth with my cap in my hand and try to sell my services or property or future ... And I'd like a good deal. not a MacQuarry deal.


(old stuff 002-04-02)

A "Duty-Of-Care" is a reasonable expectation of those subject to rulings of these elite "speakers" operating within a framework of LAWS written up by Lawyers.

Sometimes someone else needs to speak up. Sometimes there is a lot more value in the words of an "outsider" than of inbred "Royals" or hereditary money. When another (who may be known to be a thief) has to be bowed down to before one's words are heard .... Then you have a problem that also problems the world. .......GodOfAmerica

How Might the "Leaders" of the world hear of its problems and deal with them fairly?

LordOxford (with the assistance of LordElpus) plans to upset a few cosy little apple carts so that the rest of us may share the well as the toil.

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